Our Days Are Numbered Our Days Are Numbered
Our Days Are Numbered

In Mocnik’s latest project she finds herself in the unusual position of putting herself in the frame – for a whole year. Mocnik and collaborating photographer Michael Coyne, committed to document their lives by creating a daily self-portrait across 365 consecutive days.

The project was shot on film using the last two Fuji point-and-shoot camera’s sold in Australia. We limited ourselves to one exposure (one frame) per day and that was to be done manually, no cable releases, no third party photographers.

At the end of the month the exposed rolls of film were sent to Fuji, who processed and uploaded our self-portraits to a web site. There was no chance to edit, no option to omit images. It was live on-line that we first experienced our transformation from photographer to subject and our emergence as ‘image’.

Welcome to a random selection of my numbered days.
To check out Michael Coyn’s life go to www.michaelcoyne.com.au

This body of work was first exhibited as a multimedia installation at the Daylsford photo biennale.